Our hospitality and hotel carpets offer a wide portfolio of designs including tartan carpets; patterned carpets and striped carpets all created with the leisure industry in mind. The hospitality industry is all about being welcoming and making guests feel comfortable, to create the unique experience choice of carpet can really make a difference. Carpet offers great versatility with a wide range of colours and designs; which is crucial within the hospitality industry. The various constructions of these carpets are built to incorporate strength and durability making them suitable for various leisure outlets including pubs and restaurants.

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At JHS we understand that hotel carpets play an important role in the overall feel of the hotel. Whether it be a traditional hotel or a contemporary one, JHS offer a wide portfolio of designs to suit all tastes ranging from tartan carpets and patterned carpets to stylishly striped and plain carpets.

Our hotel carpets have a luxurious pile weight enabling you to create a warm and relaxing environment and are manufactured to incorporate strength and durability necessary for multi-functional public spaces. Acoustics also play a vital role in any hotel and our carpets improve noise levels for all guests and visitors.

The vast majority of our carpets are in stock ensuring the timely and cost effective completion of your project.

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