Restaurant carpets can play an important role for the comfort of your guests and employees, as they are soft to walk on as well as improving acoustics in all rooms large or small. Carpets in restaurants soften the sound of clicking heels as well as lowering the overall noise in large areas. They also improve safety as carpet will help to prevent slips and falls.

JHS recognise that our restaurant carpet will not only create a warm and relaxing environment, they will also enhance the different zones within the restaurant.

Whether it be a traditional restaurant or a contemporary one, JHS offer a wide portfolio of designs to suit all tastes ranging from tartan carpets and patterned carpets to stylishly striped and plain carpets. We also offer bespoke carpet designed to your unique requirements. There are endless possibilities with JHS carpets.

Our carpets are manufactured to incorporate strength and durability necessary for large footfall public spaces and are built to withstand the rigorous cleaning regimes required in this environment.

The vast majority of our carpets are in stock ensuring the timely and cost effective completion of your project.

Please see one of our latest projects – Green Man Pub and Restaurant - and view our ranges today to find your restaurant carpet.

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