Nautical Theme Bespoke Carpet for Harbour Park

Nautical Theme Bespoke Carpet for Harbour Park
The recent refurbishment at Harbour Park Amusement Arcade, Littlehampton called for its own bespoke carpet to be made.

The design brief was for a custom carpet incorporating a nautical theme with a mid-blue background and to include mid browns and golds. After the pattern repeat of approx. 60cms was deemed the best scale for the area, a number of CAD prints in various design options were presented and two were chosen to be produced as trial samples.

Once the final design was chosen, the carpet was made using the 1200gms weight and the client was delighted with the final result.

JHS bespoke carpets are manufactured in various qualities and specifications to meet the diverse needs of the market. Our design team utilise the very latest technology to produce custom designs based on styles that will meet our client’s demands and expectations.

A good carpet should provide years of tough wear, which is why all JHS custom carpets are geared towards long-term use and come with a 12 year guarantee.

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