Carpet cleaning & Maintenance guide

Implementation of an adequate cleaning and maintenance regime from the time of installation of your commercial carpeting, makes it is possible to safeguard your carpet's appearance, enhance the image of your installation and ensure continued high performance throughout its life cycle.

To avoid premature carpet replacement we recommend the following preventative measures:

Installation of barrier matting

Regular carpet maintenance

As carpet has the ability to conceal soilage it can appear to be clean when it is not, however, this should not result in delayed cleaning and maintenance, because when it appears dirty it can be hiding very high levels of soilage.

A Programme of Regular Carpet Maintenance should include the following elements:

Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaning is a very effective method of deep cleaning. A cleaning compound containing absorbent particles and emulsifiers e.g. HOST, is brushed into the pile where it absorbs the soilage and is then extracted. The process minimizes disruption as it requires no drying time and enables carpets to return to use immediately. Enables carpets to be cleaned as often as required without damage or rapid resoiling.

Hot Water Extraction / Steam Cleaning involves loosening soilage from the pile and extracting the soil suspended in liquid by suction. Machines for commercial cleaning must be capable of producing at least 100lbs per sq. inch pressure with a dual vacuum extraction system to enable maximum liquid recovery. On synthetic pile carpets we recommend that the machine has a heater to enable the cleaning solution to be heated to a suitable temperature.

For Advice regarding the most appropriate carpet cleaning system for your facility; supplies of Carpet Cleaning Products; Spotting Kits and Carpet Maintenance Programmes - Call our Approved Service Partner – Beaver Floorcare 01564 742095

Simple spot & spill remover guide

Detergent Solution Mix

Water Based Stains - e.g. tea, coffee, fruit juices, some food stains, some water paints, blood, beer

  1. Scrape up any solid material using spoon or spatula
  2. Blot area immediately using absorbent material e.g. kitchen towel or use wet pick up to extract spillage.
  3. Rewet area using sponge / cloth with lukewarm water and detergent solution then blot again
  4. A hair dryer used after treatment can reduce marking

N.B. If spillage has dried, dampen it with detergent solution and proceed as at 2 – 4 above

Greasy Stains - e.g. butter, some oily foods , lipstick , some inks

  1. Scrape up any solid material using spoon or spatula
  2. Apply small amount of dry cleaning fluid or surgical spirit to cotton wool or cotton bud
  3. Work inward to centre of mark
  4. Blot area and repeat until stain no longer transfers
  5. Follow as at 3 above with detergent solution and blot
  6. Dry with hair dryer

N.B. If spillage has dried, dampen it with detergent solution and proceed as at 2 – 4 above

If marks still remain it may be necessary to use the services of a professional carpet cleaner.