JHS Carpets Launch Self-Disinfecting Safety Flooring

JHS Carpets Launch Self-Disinfecting Safety Flooring
JHS Safety Tech Silver Knight is the first self-disinfecting vinyl sheet flooring specially developed for the healthcare industry. The patented TECH Surface technology offers a solution for the major problem of health infections spreading in hospitals and other healthcare environments.

The first line of defence, Nano-Silver, has been known as a natural antibacterial material for many years and, as it is effective against more than 650 germs, it provides a self-disinfecting surface that is a perfect choice for any field of application in health.

Silver Knight eliminates more that 99% of bacteria, even superbugs MRSA, VRE, ESBL and E-coli. Bacteria, fungi and viruses are destroyed without the need for harmful chemicals. Safety Tech Silver Knight is active round the clock 24/7 and helps to reduce microbial contamination in between cleanings.

The second line of defence, Nano-Titanium (TiO2) acts as a photocatalyst – it is based on the same principle as the chlorophyllian photosynthesis. Through photocatalysis odours are decomposed into harmless constituent parts.  It works in the same way for pollutants as well, such as nicotine or formaldehyde and unpleasant smells e.g. ammonia or fish odour. As TiO2 is not consumed, the procedure is sustainable for a long period.

JHS Safety Tech Silver Knight is available in wood effect and chip designs.

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