Tretford Carpets

JHS are a UK distributor of tretford® carpets and eco back carpet tiles.

Step into a world of quality, vibrancy and distinction, with tretford® natural goat hair cord carpets and eco back carpet tiles. Tretford has an exciting palette of 60 colours (47 available in TILE format) and has always been a solid favourite amongst the architectural and design community.

Tretford can be cut without fraying meaning it is dimensionally stable enough to be cut to any shape, giving endless possibilities for custom designs.

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*Please note that only certain colours are available in tile format.

View our range of carpet rolls and Eco-Tile, (rolls available as 2m widths) and both are suitable for a variety of commercial uses. Made using natural, Cashmere goat fibres, Tretford carpets are environmentally friendly and incredibly durable. Because Tretford manufactures hard-wearing cord carpet for schools, retail, offices and many other business types where foot traffic is high, we’re confident in Tretford’s product and offer a 5 year warranty as standard. Tretford commercial carpet can be ordered in a naturally rich palette of colours, enabling you to create stunning designs which flawlessly represent your brand. Order your samples and view the product specification by clicking on the either of the following links;

Acousticord wall covering

Being engineered specially for walls Tretford acoustic wall carpet is available in 36 colours.

High-performance, sound absorbing multi coloured acoustic wall covering in cinema rooms
High-performance, sound absorbing multi coloured acoustic wall covering in cinema rooms

Acoustic wall covering Tretford® Acousticord with its original ribbed texture, is a contemporary European surface that creates an architectural look in any commercial space. Acousticord is engineered specially as a wall covering.

Designed to absorb sound, this acoustic wall covering is perfect for commercial settings such as cinemas and theatres. Unlike other sound-muffling wall coverings, our product is not only perfect for acoustic performance, but it's also made from 80% natural materials (goat hair), which are rapidly renewable.

Choose natural acoustic wall panels for open place venues.

Specification for acoustic wall covering

Weight 2kg/sqm Backing 100% natural hessian (jute) fusion bonded with polyvinyl chloride
Width 2m Thickness 0.5cm
Roll length 50sqm approx. approx. 100kg per roll Fire Test Class A
Fibre 80% goat hair, 15% nylon, 5% viscose Colourfastness Class 5
Rapidly renewable materials Goat Hair Sound Absorption – Noise reduction Co-efficient 0.15

For more information send an email to [email protected] or call 01287 831400