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JHS is a UK distributor of tretford carpet.

Tretford is high quality carpeting with natural materials – for a healthy living and working environment. Tretford carpet’s unique product features, along with its proven quality, have established a brand identity that is fueled by their passion. For more than 60 years now, they have been manufacturing their flooring – partly by hand – with Cashmere goat hair. Tretford stands for boldly coloured, high quality textile flooring with a characteristic texture.


Sparing and gentle use of natural resources along with responsible business practices shape their corporate behavior. tretford carpets puts ecological and social responsibility at the heart of its business. They are making strides towards sustainable manufacturing with products made exclusively of natural, recycled or biodegradable materials.

Carpets by Tretford, which feature the characteristic ribbed design, are available in 41 colours that can be combined to suit the style of your choice. Countless designs can be created and realized thanks to non-fraying materials. And since Tretford carpets have a positive influence on the indoor climate, they are ideal for living and working environments. The carpeting owes this beneficial effect to its main component, the exquisite top hair of the Cashmere goat with its hygroscopic properties. Like practically no other material, it can absorb moisture from the air only to release it back into the room environment as needed. Moreover, this natural raw material also bonds fine dust particles thanks to the scaly structure of goat hair. And even beyond the underfoot warmth it provides, carpeting with Cashmere goat hair is also dirt-repellent, suitable for use with castors, absorbs sound and can be expected to have a long service life.

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Tretford Carpet


Comfortable, colourful and flexible

Tretford INTERLIFE stands for durability under extreme conditions. The tiles pile consists of 70% Cashmere goat hair and 30% polyamide, making them incredibly durable, unexpectedly soft and inherently anti-static. tretford's use of sustainable raw materials makes the tiles naturally filter dust and allergens from the air. INTERLIFE is an ideal choice for use in offices, daycare centres and hotels. Tretford tiles come as standard with a recycled PET backing, making it one of the most environmentally friendly floorings on today's market and available in 41 colours.


Superior acoustics and cleaner indoor air quality

Tretford INTERLIFE sheet is an excellent feel-good choice when it comes to the interior design of commercial spaces (such as offices and hotels). A pile material blend of 70% Cashmere goat hair and 30% polyamide in 41 colours makes this carpet hardwearing and easy-care. The Cashmere goat hair carpets reduce fine dust particles in the air, which helps to create clean air and an ambient room climate. Broadloom is easily cut into place and won’t fray, which facilitates its combination with diverse flooring materials. The design possibilities offered by tretford sheet are many: commercial applications, education, childcare centres or showrooms